Discover the Visionary

Welcome to Patrick Group, where luxury is not just a product but a lifestyle meticulously curated by our visionary founder, Prutsanai Mahakkapong. With an illustrious journey that transcends boundaries, Prutsanai has redefined the landscape of luxury experiences.

a golden legacy

Patrick personally crafted gold-plated iPhone 14s for Messi and 30 of his team platers, each bathed in 24-carat gold. Symbolizing victory and realizing dreams, this gesture echoes Patrick's commitment to celebrating success in the most extraordinary fashion

Beyond Boundaries

Official Partner of the Ceremony of Ballon d'Or 2021:

Prutsanai's leadership catapulted Patrick Group into the global spotlight as the Official Partner of the prestigious Ballon d'Or 2021 ceremony. This groundbreaking achievement marked a historic moment for a private entity with Thai roots.

Exclusive Rights to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 TM Tickets in Thailand

The group's influence expanded further as it secured the exclusive rights to distribute tickets for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 TM in Thailand. This milestone underscores Patrick Group's dedication to offering its clientele unparalleled access to the most sought-after events.

Luxury Full-Service Concierge for FIFA World Cup and Ballon d'Or

Prutsanai's visionary approach positioned Patrick Group as the first private entity with Thai roots to offer luxury full-service concierge packages for major sporting events. From the FIFA World Cup to front row seats at global fashion shows, Patrick Group has become synonymous with exclusive experiences.


"As Patrick Group's CEO, my journey involves crafting exclusive experiences, not just products. We're dedicated to an unwavering commitment to luxury, delivering moments that leave a long-lasting impression. Thank you for being part of the Patrick Group family."